prints are forever...


Being a portrait photographer in Clarkston specializing in personal, corporate and wedding photography, I am amazed when people say they are just looking for digital images.  While there is nothing wrong with digital, we provide them to our portrait clients, the whole idea of taking 'family' portraits is to be reminded of the great life you have, surrounded by the ones you love.  Why not have them printed, and displayed for everyone to look at in your home?

We specialize in understanding what our clients are looking for from their session, and help them plan for where these portraits are going to be displayed in their home.  We can even help install their framed art in their home for them.

There are different styles of Portrait Photography

Studio Portraits: As the name implies, these sessions are done inside our studio, in a controlled lighting environment. Although, I can re-create our studio lighting on location.

Environmental: No, not the political cause...  These are portraits of families and individuals using primarily natural light.  Usually done on location, in a park, urban setting or at a clients home/business.

Corporate Headshots: These are also referred to as "Executive Portraits".  We go beyond the simple LinkedIn profile photo.  Typically these are done in studio, or at the client's location, using studio lights/set-up.

Studio Portraits

Usually taken at our studio, we have a variety of backgrounds to work with as well as around the outside of our studio.  These range from the 'traditional'/distinguished looking portraits, to the more modern/fun (yet timeless) backgrounds.

You will see several examples and samples when you visit for your consultation.  We we get together, we will discuss what you hope to accomplish with the session.  It is through this session, I will gain an understanding of you goals, the type of session we are looking for, and more importantly - where these images will be displayed.  

Many times for our clients, this may be the first time they have had formal photographs of themselves/family.  Don't worry!  It is with these types of initial conversations that will make you feel at ease when the session actually happens.  We will direct you through the session in a relaxed, stress free environment (even with young children involved...).

Environmental Portraits

This session refers to the location of a specific shoot as well as a 'style' of using natural light as the primary source.  Typically captured outside, on location in a park, or city-scape, this look can also be captured in a home, using a large window.

Deciding on what type of session is 'better' happens with our conversation and what you are looking to get out of the session and any particular look you are desiring.

The Executive Headshot

They say an image is worth a 1,000 words.  A well executed headshot can set the tone for how you and your company is viewed without the viewer reading 1 sentence.  These really are the most important type advertising a company can use for its employees as it showcases the people behind the corporate wall.  Clients hire a professional to make sure this vision is communicated via the brand they have established.