So, Who's John? 

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I love photography: simply put - it is my passion. 

Although, it was 20 years in the making before I made the leap to being full time.  That's right: I left the corporate world and it's "TPS" reports behind a few years ago and turned my passion into a full time career after 10 years of it being 'an aggressive hobby' & have never looked back.

In today's world of cell phones & "cell-phies", I pride myself on delivering an experience that provides more than digital bits & bytes on a computer, but capture memories through photographs.  Photographs that will be printed, displayed, and enjoyed everyday, not just when you pull out your phone or fire up facebook.  These are the memories that will be passed down for generations yet to come.

I said before, photography is a passion. I love meeting new people, seeing the look on their face when I caught that special moment.  I am also a bit of a tech-geek.  I love to keep up with the latest trends & new equipment and I continue to learn by studying with nationally known photographers.

In the end, my goal is to always provide photographs and an experience that can be cherished for years to come.

On a personal note, I live in Clarkston with my wife, Molly, with whom you will meet at some point I am sure.  We have 2 children: a daughter, 22 (well, almost) and son, 24.  As they are 'out of the house', we have filled it back up with our 2 dogs: Stella & Nikki.

So, what's the process look like?


Once we have booked the session, we need to have a conversation about what you are looking for in the photographs.  There are a lot of options, and while we can accommodate most any style and desired look, lets talk about what you and your family are looking for out of this session.  


It is during this pre-session consultation that we will cover things like wardrobe, location, style, the overall 'look and feel' of the photographs, and most important: where will they be displayed in your home (or office...)


Beginning with the end in mind will help us work backward into creating a wonderful experience without surprises and lets everyone enjoy the session instead of worrying about 'whats going to happen...'.

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